Kevin Kammeraad and Michael Hyacinthe are available year round to offer two hands-on workshops where students combine their imaginations with the innovative technology of Wimage (words to images) to create collaborative visual stories (lower grades) or collaborative books (upper grades). The programs are brought right into your classroom and are self-contained.


In this hands-on classroom workshop, students will combine their imaginations with innovative technology to create collaborative visual stories. Through musical wordplay and an interactive read-aloud of Wimee’s Words, the students will be introduced to the puppet, Wimee. He’ll invite students to play with words along with him, and through verbal collaboration and visual brainstorming, to create a whole-group visual story using the Wimage (Words to Images) app on an iPad.

Students will then make a collaborative visual story of their own on provided iPads in small groups. Wimee will humorously interpret each visual story, encouraging each group to share their intentions behind their creation with the class. This workshop is a fun, hands-on blending of literacy and technology that will leave students excited to create more!

Book Creation

In this hands-on classroom workshop, students create a collaborative, hardcover printed book. Students learn the technology of the Wimage (Words to Images), and through hands-on work, they create illustrations to be included in the book, Wimee Dreamed. Throughout the workshop, insights are shared regarding design, layout, and expressing ideas through images.

The text is collaboratively written based on the imagery that is created. After the workshop, the illustrations are put into the narrative of the book, and the finished hardcover is sent to the class.

Families then have the opportunity to purchase copies.

Download the Wimage App

Wimage is an app that allows users to create, share, and print their ideas, bringing kids into an interactive world where there imaginations become reality. Wimage provides digital transformation by empowering students to become authors, illustrators, writers, animators and content producers – all on one platform, all from their very own ideas.

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