Be On The Show

Be ON the show with us!

The LIVE option (day of the show):

Note: We’ll send you a link to log into the virtual studio the day of the broadcast

Here’s what the schedule and time commitment looks like:

3:00pm EST
Tech check and we explain how the process will work (what it looks like to be “backstage” versus “on-the-air,” where the private chat is, etc.)



3:45pm EST Log back on and then wait “backstage”

4:00pm EST
The show goes LIVE!


  • When the show begins, watch the show “backstage” and be ready at any time to be part of the show (Wimee may ask you for an idea, we play games together, we do a scavenger hunt, the dance party at the end, etc.)
  • Watch for your official segment and be ready, we’ll have discussed ahead of time the details to your specific segment on the show
  • Have fun and be yourself
  • Wimee does his best to make everyone feel comfortable and celebrated!


4:30pm EST The show is done (stick around after the credits of the show so we can all chat!)

Note: This can all be done from your home, a location of your choice, or we can discuss (if you’re in the Grand Rapids, MI area) arrangements for broadcasting you at a KDL library or the KDL service center.

Also, we can share resources for you to help promote your visit to the show. Just let us know if you’re interested in details.

The RECORDED option:

We set a date and time to record. When you log in, we’ll explain how it works and then get right to recording it! Then, we’ll edit it (if needed) and include it in an upcoming show. This too can be from your home or a location of your choice. If you prefer, we can arrange this at a KDL branch or the KDL Service Center.

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