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Welcome to Wimee's World

Interactive wordplay, songs, stories, and more!


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Meet Wimee

Wimee is a lovable robot puppet that loves to make new friends and help kids increase their literacy and storytelling skills. He’s featured in the app and can be found hosting every episode of his show, Wimee’s Words. Wimee has a great sense of humor and enjoys playing with words, learning new things, and meeting new people! 

Meet Wimee's friends

Wimee's Words

Wimee's Words is a web based interactive LIVE kids show that encourages imagination, vocabulary building, and storytelling through puppetry, music, and wordplay.  

Join the educational fun LIVE every Friday at 12:30 PM EST (11:30 AM CT) on WGVU TV where YOUR ideas could become part of the show!  


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“The program is top-notch, thoughtful and smart – interaction is what children love and they do it so well with a pace that is perfect”
Brian Hull
Nashville Public Library
“My daughter thinks it is awesome to make a word suggestion and then hear Wimee use her suggested word.”
“... an interactive virtual learning opportunity for families that allows them to feel connected and take part in unique and fun activities that include stories, songs, and wordplay.”
Aldo Vasquez
Chicago Public Library
“Everything is so engaged so perfectly... you and your team are fabulous!”
“A child hearing their idea in a song or a story, moments after they’ve given it, really creates a connection and invites inspiration. Wimee’s Words does this so well.”
Emily Bower
Detroit Institue of Arts
“... your work matters.”



Wimage App

The Wimage app provides kids meaningful tech time by giving them the opportunity to become visual communicators and more creative producers using technology.  

With the Wimage app, students can input a few words, see the images, and then manipulate their size, shape, location, and orientation. This helps students begin to understand the importance of vocabulary, design, and visual expression as necessary tools for the communication of their thoughts and ideas. 

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